Welcome To Grimwire

Welcome to the launch of Grimwire!

Grimwire was a basic idea in the winter of 2015 where I decided I wanted an outlet to sell my artwork. I began with the idea of hand painted and illustrated skateboard decks, in tact or busted. Over the next two years, the idea developed in to something much more. I found myself wanting to make clothing, fine art, jewelry, and anything else that aligns with my interests and values. All the art and design you see here is 100% by me from start to finish. This brand will always be aligned with who I am and what I give a shit about, and hopefully you reading this can find something that aligns with you as well.

Grimwire is a brand for those who believe in something bigger than the rat race. It's an art brand for creators, dreamers, and hard workers. It's for those of you that feel alone in life, or like you've never fit in. It's for people that stand for something and want to make who they are known to the world and reminded to themselves. By adorning your body or your walls with our product, you're making a statement, and you're setting out to find like minded people.

This is more than just a clothing brand or fine art store. This is a community. Welcome, we hope you enjoy your involvement.

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