Introducing The Print Shop

Happy New Year and welcome back to your regularly scheduled programming.


2017 was a long and tiring year for just about everyone, including us. We definitely fell off the wagon a little bit with the brand and keeping up with all of you, but this year we aim to change that. There were a lot of things keeping us back for most of the year. I myself launched Grimwire while working full-time at an engineering firm and being a full-time student. I didn't have a whole lot of time to dedicate to this. That all changed in November just before Thanksgiving where I was laid off from that job and found myself with an insane amount of free time. After essentially a month and a half long vacation (there's been a little freelance, and the launch of the winter line in there) I'm ready to get back on track and make Grimwire something extra special. 

This is why we're so excited to announce the Print Shop. Running a brand like this is expensive. The winter line costed us a fortune, and we can't pull off releases like that very often. So we came up with a solution to help us keep putting out stuff we believe in and to help you stay more involved with us. Thanks to the platform Printful, we're able to have high quality art prints sent straight to your door with no investment or quantity control on our end. This does come with a sacrifice in packaging experience, but we're trying to find a workaround for that eventually. 

The Print Shop is exciting. Every Friday, we'll be putting up a new art print for sale. They'll come in a variety of sizes on high-quality archival matte paper with your choice of framed or un-framed. 

Grimwire is an art and lifestyle brand, and we're finally putting out the backbone of that; the art. The more of these prints we're able to get in to your hands, the more cool lines and releases we'll be able to have. 


Thank you for sticking with us, happy new year, ad get ready to hear from us quite a bit.

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