Aiding Las Vegas

Today I woke up to the horrific news about Las Vegas. The shooting last night with a death toll of 58 (as of typing this) is something out of a slasher movie. Unfortunately, it's all too real. The man that did this is a terrorist, no matter which way you spin it. There is no race play here, he is simply a pure American terrorist. 

Image courtesy of ABC News:

Image Courtesy of ABC News:


This incident has left me especially distraught as someone who was brought up in the music scene, having been in bands that have played for hundreds of people in large, packed venues. To imagine seeing that crowd shot at like targets without remorse makes my heart sink in to my stomach. There have been far too many terrible acts of terror at entertainment events, and something needs to be done. Beefed up security and oversight, in my opinion, are the way to go. It's not fool proof, but it's something. 

We cannot let these monsters win. We cannot let ourselves fear for our lives at concerts or events. I myself felt uneasy seeing an Arena show a couple of months ago due to the Ariana Grande incident over the summer, and I've never felt that before. I've played and been to hundreds of shows without feeling afraid for my life, and I refuse to start now. 


This is all exactly why we've released this shirt. 


The shirt is unbranded. No tag prints, no logo, no "GRIMWIRE" anywhere on the shirt. The only place you'll find that is on your package so you know it's from us. This isn't about us, this is about the people and families affected by this tragedy.

Every single dollar of profit from this shirt will go to the Las Vegas Victim's Fund by Steve Sisolak, which has already raised over $1M as of writing this post. We do not benefit from this sale at all. We will provide a donation confirmation and sale comparison at the end of this item's availability. 

Fear cannot and will not control us. Do something good today, help save a life and ease a mind. If you can't afford to purchase a shirt, please share the product link on every social media platform you have. Help us make an impact. Purchase the shirt here.


Much love,

Austin Wade

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