_04: The Warped Tour Launch

In our previous blog post Austin as discussed Warped Tour briefly.  I would like to go further into that because I believe it is a story worth telling.  When it came to actually launching our company we wanted to do it at an event so we could really have a visual impact instead of just opening an online store and marketing that “were selling things now!”  In our mind, Warped Tour seemed to be perfect. It was coming up in a few months so we had time to set up, the amount of people attending was increasing over the past few years, and it wasn't that expensive to have a vending space.


While getting everything ready for the event we had our struggles such as our terrible issue with our previous supplier about a small amount of shirts which should have been no problem.  As well as the issue with getting rosaries that were relatively inexpensive while still being high quality.  With the actual date of the event coming up everything was coming together and we were for the most part together.  We had actually had only really finished up our setup the night before because everything was taking so long to put together.


At this point we had our test setup done so we knew how we were going to put up our tent at the event and had hired our friend to watch the booth when we might have been away.  Due to traffic and other small issues, we got there about an hour after they let people in to take a spot, and because of this we were put in front of one of the stages, which seemed to be a good place to be because we were right in front of a crowd of people.  Unfortunately we ended up getting absolutely no foot traffic. This was the case for everybody in the row we were in.


At the end of the day we only ended up getting sales from promoting online which was only from people we knew.  After the costs of vending the event and the huge amount of time getting set up for the event, Warped Tour had been a bust. I can't really say if we got put in that place because of getting there a little late or not. It only seemed like businesses were in our row.  We will definitely be making a presence in more events to come, but we're not sure about Warped Tour in the future.

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